Candidacy Development

Our Candidacy Development Program is all about taking the proper and necessary steps to help identify, inform, educate, and prepare aspiring leaders to get more involved and to run for public office. We also offer special coaching and development for those who would like to serve on boards, councils, commissions, and committees.

Disclaimer: Services offered under the Candidacy Development Program do not guarantee an endorsement from SEPAC.

SEPAC endeavors to foster opportunities for candidates to explore a wide range of public and non-profit leadership challenges through:

  1. Interactive training experiences
  2. Research and development assignments, and;
  3. Mentoring from current or previously elected officials who have served in a variety of political offices and positions.

The combination of these experiences will enhance the participants’ competencies and increase their understanding of what it takes to run for office. Listed below are some fundamental steps to support the various stages of the Candidacy Development Program:

Desire – Must have an earnest desire to get involved politically. 

Review the SEPAC Workshops listed below to help determine if the Candidacy Development Program is right for you.

Workshop 1: Basics of Running for Office
Workshop 2: Is Running for Office Right for Me?
Workshop 3: Budgeting for the Race.
Workshop 4: Basics of Setting Up for Your Campaign.

Evaluate- Schedule a One-on-One initial consultation with a team member from the Candidacy Development Program to discuss your goals and objectives.

Vacancies- Research vacancies and open positions within the city, county, and state for available boards, commissions, committees & councils to serve on. Apply for the position of interest and schedule a follow-up meeting with the Candidacy Development team to ensure you have everything in place for the next step in the process.

Snohomish County City of Edmonds City of Mill Creek City of Mukilteo
City of Arlington City of Everett City of Marysville  City of Snohomish
City of Bothell City of Lake Stevens City of Mill Creek City of Stanwood
City of Brier City of Lynnwood City of Monroe City of Sultan
City of Darrington City of Marysville  City of Mountlake Terrace  

Explore- Once the 3 above steps have been completed, the potential candidate will then be matched with a mentor for a shadowing period. This is an opportunity to meet and talk with someone who has run for office. You may ask questions and gather as much information as you can to help you on your journey.
Learn- Never stop learning about the position you are running for. The more knowledge you have, the greater your chances are for having a strong candidacy.

Optimal - Throughout the duration of the Candidacy Development process, SEPAC will ensure optimal success by supporting however necessary. Each SEPAC mentor will be specifically tailored to each potential candidates’ particular race.

Praise – Every person who completes the Candidacy Development process will be celebrated for their efforts. By completing the steps listed above, it demonstrates the potential candidate is closer to reaching their political goals and that is cause for praise.


For more information on our Candidacy Development Program please email [email protected]